Is Your Roof Ready For Summer Weather?

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As protective and durable as any roof may seem, roofing services find that there are different risks that come with the seasons depending on the region.

Summertime is one of the seasons that roofing companies find presents its fair share of risks and for reasons that many homeowners may not think of.

Homeowners looking to avoid having to call their roofing contractor for repairs later should consider these summer weather risks that can affect their installations.

Summer Storms

Summer storms earlier in the season and hurricanes later in the season are regular events that homeowners may endure in many sections bordering on the Atlantic and Gulf oceans.

Roofing services find that both of these can leave homeowners with unexpected damage if their installations are aging or experiencing other issues that can weaken them.

It can also result in tree damage for homes on wooded lots or with shade trees overhanging.

Torrential downpours and high winds can be exceptionally damaging in summer, so it is critical that homeowners have a roofing contractor inspect their roofs prior to the severe weather seasons.

High Heat and Humidity

Humidity and high heat are the worst parts of summer weather, as each can become damaging to certain types of roofs.

Roofing companies find that days and weeks of strong sunlight throughout the summer year after year can slowly dry out roofs made from asphalt shingles and wood, making them prone to cracking and breaking, resulting in the leaking that follows.

High humidity can allow mold, mildew, and algae to grow on roofs, slowly eating away at them.

These are all conditions that can predispose a need for unexpected roofing services if not detected early or prevented with good roofing maintenance.

Ventilation Issues

While storms and UV damage are possible during the hot, humid summertime, the biggest problem that roofing contractors find to be most prevalent is ventilation issues.

A hot attic does more than just make it more costly to cool the home beneath it; an attic without proper ventilation can destroy the materials above it during hot humid weather by overheating the roof.

Overheated shingles that lose their adhesion will curl or bow, lifting off the underlayment and leaving spaces where water can get in during the next rain and these shingles may also blister and tear.

Without the ability to vent hot air out from under the roofing materials, homeowners are much more likely to experience leaks, lost shingle granules, broken shingles, and many other problems.

Fortunately, an inspection by a roofing company can easily detect whether poor ventilation is a problem and make recommendations to remedy it before another hot summer and another chance to ruin an expensive roof installation goes by.

Regular Roof Inspections Can Prevent Summer Damage

This summer, instead of leaving things to chance, homeowners can call an experienced local roofing service and have an inspection done to detect issues that could become expensive repairs later.

Whether the problem is a hot attic, shingles loosened during previous storms, UV-damaged materials, or more, a roofing contractor can find existing problems and predict possible ones, then make recommendations for preventing further damage.

Contact an experienced roofing company and arrange an inspection and preventive maintenance today!

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