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#RoofTALK is Us covering the no-frills part of the Roofing, Restoration & Insurance Industry that we work through.
We Shoot it straight, we leave out the sales pitch, we cover missed and unfriendly items that other skip over.
Stay tuned for more of #RoofTALK with Dave and others from P1Mitigators.com

#RoofTALK #1

RCV/ACVHo3’s, Roofing Process, Product Warranties

While doing a #FreeRoofInspection in #PalmBay Florida, Dave covers topics on his very first #RoofTALK. He reminds homeowners to know their policy coverage, ask good questions about any contractors #RoofingProcess, know the different shingle manufacture warranties vs. the installer warranty and why most are not accurate. He emphasizes that despite the great TV commercials you see and the decades of #InsurancePremiums you’re paying, many times these carriers do not have your best interest during filing a claim and will do anything legal (and sometimes not) to get out of paying you for the costs of Today’s Roof Materials and Labor Costs as their duty is to their shareholders 1 st and then to their #PolicyHolders 2 nd . The time to get #StrormClaimSupport is before your #ClaimDenyal and before even your #ClaimsAdjuster comes out to “Question You” as anything you say to them…..will be used against you!


H/Owner Denied then Cancelled then Approved and then Reinstated because of our help!

This is a #Citizens #InsurancePolicy story that started out with an 82-year-old widowed homeowner that barely spoke English 1 st being denied a new roof when she called her carrier to come out to see what her damages were after #HurricaneIan in 2022. Two weeks after Citizens denied her claim they then refused to renew her coverage until the homeowner could prove that a new roof was to be put on the home out of her own pocket. We had met this homeowner around this time and got Citizens back out there (twice) to inspect her home and ironically now they are willing to not only pay for the roof but also reinstate her policy after the new roof passes final city inspection and a newer Wind Mitigation Inspection has been completed. New roof was put on 9 days after the 1 st check cleared and we also get her a local #LicensedHomeInspector to preform a #WindMitigation report and in conclusion, she got her policy renewed. For clarity, when I say we I mean (a Licensed Roofing Contractor Completed/Installed her roof).


Hail Claim Paid / Seek Now Adjuster Warning /

UnNailable Sheathing Example

This re-roof was the result of a #PaidHailClaim for a #PalmBay residence. My #HailInspection was detailed and documented but the #InsuranceCarrier hired a Third-Party named Seek Now or Ladder Up) to do their inspection which wasn’t “too smooth” if you ask me. Seek Now purposely tells homeowners a larger window of arrival times because they know most homeowners are working with roofing companies and they choose not to show up when roofers are there at all costs as they are paid by the visit and don’t want to be slowed down by confirming damage, discussing repair/replacement options with roofers and more.After the Claim was finally approved RRCA’s re-roofing team toward into this roof to find out the cathedral ceiling section had absolutely zero decking with just the inside boards covered with foam board and underlayment only, so this ceiling section had to be entirely redocked needing an extra 33 sheets of OSB. Yes, after weeks of back-n-forth, we finally got the carrier to cover this so the homeowner didn’t have too, and you’ll see the bedecking and final re-roofing installation by RRCA USA in the follow up video below this one.


Roof Re-Decking / RRCA Roof Install in Brevard County, FL in 2023.

This is the 2 nd video from the above two-part series covering some cathedral ceiling issues we conquered when re-roofing a home in #BrevardCounty using RRCA USA. After our lovely Seek Now fiasco inspection, three weeks chasing #RoofingSupplements we finally concluded this Palm Bay homeowners split plan roofing system that entailed two separate flat roofing systems, two separate shingle re-roofings, chimney re-flashing and a detach/reset of her entire gutter system we are all happy this one was completed. A great choice of Owens Corning’s Duration Shingle Product and extended shingle warranty the homeowner is also quite happy this was finished as well.


Paid #HailClaim Product Drop Inspect from an RRCA

Roof Install in 2023.

A quick pre-build / product inspection on an RRCA Re-Roofing job talking about hiring a qualified roofing contractor and roofing inspector to ensure you get these legit hail claims paid for. #ReviewMyRoof #HailClaims #RRCA #Roofing.


Dave covers the Insurance Claim Process for Homeowners that most forget/ignore or skip.

A longer video explaining just the process how a traditional insurance claim goes down (Not the Policy, just the Process:). A #Jacksonville homeowner has a neighbor’s tree crash through her home causing extensive damages to her fencing, two rooms, roof and porch that was initially settled from her carrier at just under $37,000 before we got involved.

P1Mitigators helped this #homeowner by correctly re-tarping her leaking exiting tarp, walking her through the entire process and its steps along with working hand-n-hand (or email-within-email) with her insurance desk adjuster to ensure that not only was the insurance carrier held to adequately pay for all these repairs (over $58,000), but all parties (including the tree vendor) were paid what they were owed and paid within a reasonable amount of time backed by Notice To Owner Notices and again diligent communication between the roofer, tree services, owner and insurance carrier. This video also covers the N.T.O./Lien process, why and where much confusion starts/continues/resides and how we as salespeople and contractors can take more time with these homeowners to they can “react less” as they are more informed with this process from the beginning.

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P1mitigators is a contractor consulting agency helping home and business owners through the complex rebuild process after Storm Damages and/or Insurance-Claim Construction. We have a selected set of Licensed and Insured General and trade contractors that we refer to consumers for a variety of help. We facilitate the steps that homeowners should maximize before any insurance claim support goes to a Public Adjuster or an Attorney (over 80% of our projects are resolved without a PA or Legal). -We document your damages in a method that’s presentable to all homeowner insurance carriers -We hold these carriers to strict building codes, and roofing laws per your county and/or state -We meet any field adjusters to discuss damages and the process in repairing said damages -We work with the carrier desk adjuster for correct Industry Material & Labor Pricing (using Xactimate) -We do all this for free and only require the job awarded to us when covered/PAID by your carrier.

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